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the clavichord is a totally legit lifestyle choice
12 January 2010 @ 11:34 pm
Title: An Perhaps Outdated Gesture (. . . I really can't make up titles to save my life, sorry)
Author: airglowsgold
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Word Count: 459
A/N/Summary: Written for chosenfire28's kradam_kiss prompt "Adam kisses Kris's hand all dashing like in front of people, Kris is not amused (funny not angsty)".

Was only planning on being a reader - haven't written RPF in 3 years and fiction since the end of NaNoWriMo, and after writing this as soon as I saw the prompt, aka before fic posting even opened, I just let it wallow in my documents folder in a fit of self-loathing and promptly forgot all about it. Today, though, a friend mentioned this run of the fest was closing today and I thought, WHAT THE HELL WHY ARE YOU LETTING YOURSELF GET WORKED UP OVER 400 WORDS, I'LL POST IT IF MY INTERNET WORKS LONG ENOUGH TO SLIDE THROUGH UNDER THE DEADLINE, which was apparently EST and my internet was acting up until just now, so. Fuck. If you see this though, bb, I hope I did it justice and that you like it :D?

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the clavichord is a totally legit lifestyle choice
blahhh okay so. i just spent like, a legit HOUR writing 1322 words of Brendon/Greta mermaid fic for a prompt over at sinandmisery's Multi-Fandom Comment!Fic Meme, which LJ would only let me post 929 of, and even then i had to cheat and split it into two comments (sadfaces DDD:).


Brendon's pretty sure he's seeing things; that he's hallucinating, that he's developed a very sudden case of psychosis, that the stress finally made his mind go, that the shit he smoked with Jon earlier was laced with something; anything, because there is absolutely no way, no fucking way, that he's seeing a mermaid.


idk, it's fun, i think i might try and force myself to actually write more of it (i've got like 399 words of it that LJ wouldn't let me include after the preliminary meeting already, so idk).